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Welcome to Scout Week! 

2022 is the year of BIG change. Forget "getting back to normal". Why would anyone want to settle back into a routine? 

For the West TN Scouts, we think it's time to get back to building leaders for tomorrow. Focusing on preparing young people to make moral and ethical choices over their lifetime by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law. 

And most importantly... Back to ....


...with a purpose!

We are expecting that this fall will be our BIGGEST recruitment in a while, at least since 2019. To celebrate a new year of Scouting, with thousands of new Scouting families, we are launching a FULL WEEK OF SCOUTING from October 16 through October 22!

Check out the schedule we have put together so far. More details will continue to roll out as we get close to Scout Week so please stay tuned! There will be activities for EVERYONE throughout West TN to join in.