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West TN Scouting News

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What kind of leader are you? Come find out!

Hey Scout fam! 🏕️

Guess what? Wood Badge 2024 registration just dropped, and we’re popping off! 🎉 If you’ve ever thought, "How can I channel my inner Scout Leader, level up my leadership skills, AND have an epic time with some of the coolest people around?" – this is it! 🌟

Snag that early bird rate of $275 until October 1st, because why not save a little moolah for more marshmallows, right? 🔥 After that, the price hikes up to $300 until December 31st. Consider this your friendly nudge to get ahead of the game. 😉⏰

At Wood Badge, we don't just talk leadership; we embrace it, dance with it, and sometimes, we even make fun TikTok challenges about it! 🕺 Beyond the lessons, it's a place where friendships flourish, fun is mandatory, and yes... shenanigans are highly encouraged. 😜 As the legendary Lord Baden Powell once said, Scouting is a game with a purpose. And at Wood Badge, we’re bringing our A-game! 💪

Join the troop, channel your inner leader, and let’s make some memories!

👉 [Sign up here]( 👈

Got questions or need a campfire song recommendation? 🎶 Drop me a message. Always here to help.

Badge you soon! 😉

Lance Meyer, your friendly neighborhood Course Director! 🏕️🔥🌌


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