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Greetings, West Tennessee Area Council,


I hope this message finds you in great spirits and filled with enthusiasm for the exciting opportunities ahead!

For those who might not be familiar, I'm Kati, honored to serve as the Council's Vice President of Membership. I'm reaching out today to ignite a spark in our collective efforts toward growing and nurturing our scouting community.


Let's talk numbers for a moment: currently, we stand united with 79 incredible units, comprising a total of 1,264 bright young minds and supported by 597 dedicated adults. As we cast our gaze across the 20 counties we serve, we see a potential pool of around 90,712 youth who could benefit immensely from our scouting program.


Now, here's the golden question: What can each of us do to ensure these youths get to experience the wonders of scouting? Membership growth has been on an upward trajectory, and we aim to keep that momentum rolling. By showcasing growth, we pave the way for expanded support, tapping into grants and foundations within our communities. This, in turn, fuels the growth and enhancement of the program we cherish so dearly.


So, here's where the adventure begins: we're embarking on a 31-day challenge. Presently, we're a mere 160 youths away from achieving membership growth. But let's not stop there—let's shatter expectations! Imagine if each of the 79 units recruited just 3 scouts during this challenge. That alone would secure our growth.


And here's the thrilling part: the district that rises to the occasion, recruiting the most during these 31 days, will earn the chance to pie or slime Senior District Executive John Mayros or Central District Executive Misty Croom at their respective District Banquet. It's an opportunity to have some good-natured fun while celebrating our collective success!

Your participation is vital to our shared success. Together, we can achieve remarkable growth and provide countless more young individuals with the life-enriching experiences scouting offers.


Let's take on this challenge with determination, excitement, and the unwavering belief that we can exceed our goals. Reach out to your community, ignite their curiosity, and invite them to be part of this incredible journey.


Thank you for your dedication and commitment to our scouting family. Together, let's make these 31 days count!


Weekly updates will be emailed out and available on district and council Facebook pages along with being published on the council website.


Best regards,

Kati Rohdy

Vice President of Membership

West TennesseeArea Council, Boy Scouts of America

Check back here for weekly updates!

District Scoreboard


Eager to do your part but want some help with what to say? Say less! We got you!

Template 1: Social Media Post

Title: Join the Scouting Adventure in West Tennessee!

Body: 🌟 Hey West Tennessee Community! 🌲🏕️ Are you ready for adventure, fun, and lifelong learning? We're calling all young explorers to join the West Tennessee Area Council's Scouting programs! 🎉

Become a part of a community that's about more than just camping and knots; it's about leadership, personal growth, and making a difference. 🌍

👉 Swipe right to see some of our exciting activities and how you can join. Let's make memories that last a lifetime! #ScoutLife #WestTNAdventure

[Include images/videos of scouting activities]

Template 2: Text Message for Recruitment

Text Message: Hi [Recipient's Name]! 👋 Have you heard about the Scouting programs in West Tennessee? We're inviting kids to embark on an adventure of a lifetime! 🚀

From outdoor activities to community service, there's something for everyone. Plus, it's a great way to make friends and learn new skills. Interested? Let me know, and I'll share more details. 🏞️🤝

Template 3: Email for School Partnerships

Subject: Empower Your Students Through Scouting!

Body: Dear [School Name] Administration,

I'm [Volunteer Name], [Volunteer Position] at the West Tennessee Area Council, Boy Scouts of America. We are excited to offer your students an opportunity to join our Scouting programs, a platform for developing leadership, community service, and a love for the outdoors.

Our programs are tailored to complement educational goals, promoting character development and personal fitness. We believe your students could greatly benefit from what we offer.

We'd love to arrange a presentation at your school or provide you with more information. Together, we can empower our youth for a better tomorrow.

Looking forward to a positive collaboration.

Warm regards,

[Volunteer Name]

Template 4: Email to Community Organizations

Subject: Join Hands with Scouts for Community Growth!

Body: Hello [Organization's Name],

I'm reaching out from the West Tennessee Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, as the [Volunteer Position]. Our Scouting programs are dedicated to nurturing the youth of our community through various enriching activities.

We are looking for community partners to help us expand our reach and impact. Your support can help us offer these opportunities to more young individuals, fostering a generation of responsible and active citizens.

Let's discuss how we can collaborate for the betterment of our community. Your involvement could make a significant difference.

Thank you for considering this partnership.


[Volunteer Name]

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