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Learning with Popcorn


You’ve likely heard often that “it’s not about selling popcorn, it’s supporting Scouting.” But what does this mean? And how does it impact each individual Scout?

Scouting is here to help children become ethical adults that make good decisions. And popcorn serves an important role in this mentorship. It's a learning activity, just like any other, designed to build important skills toward this goal. Specifically:

Association with Adults

Kids are sometimes shy or fearful around adults, even ones they know. For most, this doesn’t resolve itself as they age. They gain the opportunity for exposure and practice communicating with adults by participating in the popcorn sale. They build the confidence that will make future things like college essays, job interviews, and talking to their boss so much easier. It sounds like a simple interaction, but it’s a way for them to overcome a tough barrier and learn how to navigate an adult-run world.

Salesmanship and Entrepreneurship

Learning to set and reach goals through action helps Scouts develop important business skills. They learn how to represent themselves best and persuade others. In the future, they can use these tools to gain funding for a revolutionary business idea or be a strong team leader within their organization.

Grow and Sustain Scouting

Scouting is not just an activity but also a future career path. The organization's mission needs strong leaders to carry the mentorship and impact forward to future generations. Everything they learn by participating prepares them to teach others what they know in Scouting or whatever future career they choose. Popcorn also brings Scouting to the attention of many others who may not be familiar with all that Scouting has to offer.


Fund Membership and Activities

And, of course, popcorn funds all the amazing activities in their Scouting program.


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Council and District Contacts

Western District Contacts

Susan Gall

Popcorn Specialist


Derriell Springfield

Council Volunteer Kernel


Central District Contacts

Alison Wyatt

Central Kernel



Misty Croom

District Executive


Tennessee River District Contact

Wathon Wilbanks
Shiloh Kernel


Justin Russell
Highlands Kernel


John Mayros
Sr. District Executive


Council Contacts

Clint “Cletus” Beilke

Staff Adviser


Susan Gall

Popcorn Specialist


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