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The most incredible adventures of a Scout's life begin at a camp. Whether your child is a young Scout participating in day camp, resident camp, or an older boy/girl experiencing the great outdoors, the Scouting summer and winter programs bring Scouts face-to-face with nature and all of its wonder. Have your Scout join us for one of our summer programs as they work to complete merit badges and discover the world to its greatest extent.

Rent Camp Year-Round!

Camp Mack Morris, the Council camp, is located on Birdsong Creek, part of the Tennessee River, eight miles south of Camden and 8 miles north of Interstate 40.

At Mack Morris, you'll have the opportunity to do so much more than just camp. We have everything you're looking for in the great outdoors! Whether a Scouting unit or Corporate team, you'll have access to training facilities, campsites, cabins, climbing and rappelling, the waterfront program area located on the Tennessee River, and the list goes on!

We're excited that you've chosen Camp Mack Morris and look forward to seeing you!

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