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District camps offer programs full of shooting sports, crafts, games, woodworking activities, and friends.

All camps are nationally accredited and staffed by trained volunteers to be a safe and fun activity for your family.


Day Camp is a District Run Event for Cub Scouts who will be in 1st-5th grade starting in the Fall of 2023. This event focuses on fun, relevant activities such as shooting BBs, archery, sports, games, crafts, learning new skills and advancement opportunities, and making new friends. Scouts can attend any District’s camp, which typically is between 4-5 days long and is held during the summer at varying times. For a successful Day Camp, many parent volunteers are needed.

Volunteer Resources

Cub Scout Day Camp

Cub Scout Day Camps are facilitated by local councils. Individuals who serve as camp director, program director, or staff adviser must be nationally certified by taking the National Camping School Day Camp Administration section.

Individuals must complete a three-part training curriculum to be nationally certified as a day camp director, program director, or staff adviser. This includes an online course, a council-led in-person training session, and then a day and a half at a National Camping School. This three-part curriculum, combined with the required pre-requisites listed below, will enable individuals to serve in a leadership role at their day camp.


Local Council Day Camp Training Materials

As part of the multi-step approach for day camp director and program certification for “Day Camp Administration”, council day camp leadership will instruct the following course to individuals in their council attending a National Camp School Session. This training should take place before they attend National Camp School.

As a reminder, participants should take the online training before participating in this local council-facilitated training. The online training link will be sent to individuals registered for a National Camp School Day Camp Administration section and is available on e-learning center.

Please ensure that you update each person’s ScoutNet training profile with “CS63” and remind participants to bring a copy of their updated training record with them to their National Camp School course.


Resources for Day Camps

We encourage local councils to use the national Cub Scout Day Camp theme where possible! 


Day Camp Staff Training


2023 National Theme “Off to the Races” Ideas and Resources

Shooting Sports Information 

Cub Scout shooting sports programs may be conducted only on a district or council level. Archery, BB gun shooting and slingshot shooting are restricted to day camps, Cub Scout/Webelos Scout resident camps, council-managed family camping programs, or council activities where there are properly trained supervisors and where all standards for BSA shooting sports are enforced.

All shooting ranges in the Cub Scout program must be supervised by a qualified range master who is at least 18 years of age and meets the minimum requirements. See specific qualifications and training requirements for Cub Scout shooting sports range masters in the BSA shooting sports manual that can be found at 

Best Practice IdeaFacilitating Cub Scout Shooting Awards at Day Camp 


For more information on Cub Scout Shooting Sports, visit the Cub Scout shooting sports page.

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