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District camps offer programs full of shooting sports, crafts, games, woodworking activities, and friends.

All camps are nationally accredited and staffed by trained volunteers to be a safe and fun activity for your family.


Day Camp is a District Run Event for Cub Scouts who will be in 1st-5th grade starting in the Fall of 2023. This event focuses on fun, relevant activities such as shooting BBs, archery, sports, games, crafts, learning new skills and advancement opportunities, and making new friends. Scouts can attend any District’s camp, which typically is between 4-5 days long and is held during the summer at varying times. For a successful Day Camp, many parent volunteers are needed.


Central Day Camp


Crockett, Gibson, Henderson, Madison

Camp Dates and Times

July 17 - July 21

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Lane College

Staff Advisor

Misty Croom

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