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Clint Beilke
Unit-serving executives and staff at the BSA Local Council Service Center.West TN Scout Staff
Volunteers who dedicate their time to serving units throughout their district.Commissioner Corps

@Everyone Is your Troop signed up for Summer Camp? Here's the link!

Get Ready for the Great Adventure!

Where but at camp can youth experience all that the great outdoors offers!  Sleeping under the stars in a tent, telling stories and singing songs next to the crackling of a campfire, hiking in the woods and seeing all that nature has to offer with his fellow scouts and friends, canoeing and fishing in the calm waters of the Tennessee River, building their skills at the archery and rifle ranges, experiencing the exciting COPE Course, and enjoy all the fun activities that the camp will offer.  Camp Mack Morris summer camp provides this and much, much more.  When a scout leaves camp, they will leave with a smile on their face, memories, and friends that will last a lifetime.

The kids come closer to the natural world and one another at summer camp.  They explore trails and sharpen skills together.  Here, in the outdoors, they share triumphs and troubles and learn important values as a group - values like patience and respect for others' point of view, and doing their fair share and helping others in need - life skills that are part of the personal growth we want for every scout.

Come and join us this summer for our new exciting summer program at Camp Mack Morris on our nearly 500 spacious acres nestled in the rural hills and valleys of Benton County on the Tennessee River that provides an exciting Scouting experience of a lifetime!

Camp Mack Morris offers a dedicated staff of qualified people to help make your camp experience successful.  A survey showed that 97% of the participants were either "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with their experience.

Camp Mack Morris has been Nationally accredited as a summer camp through 2023!

Clint Beilke


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